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Buy Seed beads from the Bead Boutique. Seed beads are small beads that tend to resemble plant seeds, hence the name of the product. The Seed beads are often a rounded shape but we also offer them in a flat bead form and vial shape. There are approximately nine different types of Seed beads that come in a full range of colours and sizes, anything from under a millimeter up to several millimeters. The beads originate from eastern Europe just before World War II and were originally made from glass or metals, usually steel or aluminum. Most of these factories were destroyed during the war and bead production was moved over the China and Taiwan. Seed beads can be used on a mixture of weaves or simply used on a single string. Seed Beads can be used as spacers between other large beads to create jewelry. We have various sizes of Seed beads available and a mix of specialised Seed bead colours to create your ideal and unique designs. Seed beads are perfect for making personalised jewelry, friendship bracelets, as a spacer between larger beads and decoration on fabric and clothing. Seed beads are ideal and can be used on a wide variety of beading, such as wiring, stringing and weaving. Due to the small holes in the centre of the Seed bead it is often advised to use a needle when threading the beads. Some of the beads are varied and have large holes to thread on.


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